Teaching & Facilities

English Teaching

All teachers have internationally recognised qualifications in teaching English to non-English speakers – All are also committed Christians.

Classes are small, never more than 14 students; often there are fewer. Everybody can easily take part in the lessons. Most students are adults and all classes are multilingual.

Our English lessons focus on the students’ needs, interests and aims. Students learn by using the language through conversation, discussion, role-play, pair work, games, videos/DVDs, cassettes and books. Most writing is set as homework. There are progress tests and times when students can talk with their tutors about their learning. Lessons are interesting; learning is fun!

Language School Facilities

  • Large, sunny classrooms overlooking the sea
  • Student Room where students can relax and chat
  • Student Kitchen: students can buy tea/coffee and make mid-day lunch
  • Email and Internet facilities, including WiFi