Открытие 17 мая., 2021, и прием новых зачислений. Из-за COVID-19, у нас будут уменьшены размеры классов и приняты необходимые меры предосторожности в соответствии с государственными рекомендациями для обеспечения безопасности учащихся. Прочитайте наш бюллетень COVID здесь.
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Информация о Covid

As an independent language school, Olivet is fully committed to making sure that you are as safe as possible whilst studying with us. We have been making some changes to the way we operate to ensure that you will still be able to have an amazing experience, whilst staying safe and well, whether at school or in your accommodation.

Our classes:

  • Where necessary, classes will be smaller and classrooms will be arranged to help with this
  • Lesson times will be staggered to reduce the pressure on corridors, communal areas and public transport
  • Teaching techniques will be adapted where necessary to give students the best possible learning experience
  • Students will be asked to take a level test before they arrive
  • Handouts will be used as needed to avoid sharing resources
  • Classes will be rearranged to minimise the number of students and staff you have contact with, creating class bubbles where possible

Around the school:

  • Hand sanitiser and handwashing facilities will be widely available around the school
  • The cleaning of the school will be stepped up to include daily disinfection of all areas
  • Movement around the school will be managed to ensure that social distancing is maintained
  • Posters in the school will give clear information on personal hygiene and social distancing
  • Students and staff will be expected to wear face coverings on their journey to and from school, and around common areas where appropriate

Your accommodation:

  • We will only be providing single room accommodation, except for family members travelling together
  • We will provide guidance to our host families on how to keep themselves and students safe at home
  • If a student becomes unwell with COVID-19, or their host family do, we will ensure students can isolate safely and comfortably if needed

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